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New research uncovers the deepest secret of George Soros and AOC’s ground work and its linked to Nancy PELOSI, Obama

posted by Danny July 5, 2019

The group that auditioned and then supported AOC in her election is called, “Justice Democrats.” They supposedly just sprang up a few years ago. They promote AOC, and Bernie Sanders type candidates and promoted 400 Sander’s type politicians across the US.

They certainly want this nation Socialistic at all costs.

The group is linked to “Soro’s funded” media including Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks. They work together to slam pro-American policies, and push for socialistic leaders though online media. They use climate control as their main control factor to guilt people into voting their “Sander’s type” politicians into office. Christy Goldfuss, who served under President Barack Obama, is now the managing director of the Council on Environmental Quality…It’s amazing how easy it is to see what the Globalists are doing when the puzzle pieces start coming together.

Ocasio pushed Pelosi for a “Special Counsel on Climate change,” and she was denied her request. Christy Goldfuss now leads the energy and environmental team at the Center for American Progress….Ocasio, Soros, MSM, Obama Get the picture? With more research I’m sure there’s a lot more.

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