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Missing Pages : Leaked images appear, Anti-Trump russia steel dossier was heavily tampered to destroy Trump

posted by Danny May 17, 2019

BREAKING: Junk Anti-Trump Russia Steele Dossier Appears Tampered With – Pages Were Replaced
Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft May 17, 2019

The Trump – Russia Steele dossier that the FBI used to spy on the Trump campaign and Presidency via Carter Page appears doctored. Irrefutable evidence uncovered shows the original documents provided to the FBI were doctored.
The fake Trump – Russia dossier that Obama’s corrupt FBI and DOJ used to obtain the Carter Page FISA warrant appear doctored. Internet sleuths have uncovered material differences in the Steele dossier.

The dossier itself was multiple pages long in various sections (see dossier here). One section in general indicates the document was edited.
At the bottom of the page the numbers are written in sequential order. See exmamples for pages 6 and 9 below.

However, for pages 7 and 8 there are no page numbers on the pages in the document.

This makes no sense because whoever wrote the numbers at the bottom of the page surely didn’t skip two pages and continue with listing the numbers on the bottom of the page. These pages must have been replaced.

The Steele reports are also dated at the top like the example below:

However, for pages 7 and 8 there are no dates recorded. Also, there is a numbering system at the top of the dossier. The header numbering for pages 4, 5 and 6 are the same as noted in ‘086’

However, the header numbering scheme for pages 7 and 8 end in 095 –
Then the header for page 9 goes backwards and ends in ’94’ –

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Coincidentally, the one piece of information that appears on page 7 is the obviously discredited comment that there is a Russian Consulate in Miami –

Also, the dates circa the page 7-8 report are in July which indicates that perhaps the dossier used by the FBI to file for the July 31st FISA application was different from the later version filed for the Carter Page FISA app.

Per an overall review of the dossier, the reports are not sequential and are spaced unevenly. It is also unclear if the report numbering applies to the dossier or if it’s a running total of all the reports produced by Orbis for multiple customers in that time frame or if some of the reports have been omitted from the final publication. As can be seen from the table below, the reports also have formatting problems and data entry errors (e.g. report 86 is dated 20-Jul-2015). This indicates haste and carelessness in their preparation.

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