Very massive : “What to happen in 30 days” If you are loosing/have lost hope hillary wont go to jail, read this

posted by Danny April 25, 2019

So, I don’t want to be like other nut jobs that always claim they have a friend of a friend who’s cousin works for so and so and they have intel. I do have legitimate intel and no I refuse to leak my source. It’s a solid source and it’s all falling into place.

I was told just 3 days ago to watch the news and I seriously have not paid a ton of attention. I was told to watch one of Trumps lap dogs attack Hillary Clinton in MSM like there was no tomorrow. I’m driving today from Austin to my next city and all I heard on the radio was how the MSM was making jokes about the things big man Rudy was saying. Holy crap, he is blatantly attacking her and the entire Clinton regime right now and he isn’t backing down. I was told they have items that are unquestionably damaging to the Clinton family and even the Obama regime in regards to many things that have happened with this Trump investigation. I asked him what he thought the end game was because I have honestly lost faith and it appears nothing is going to happen. I expressed a two tier system and that some people are just above the law and won’t be touched as I’ve witnessed.

He said shit is finally real. Watch….the next 30 days should be interesting as Trump totally goes on the offensive. From what I understand all of the hand cuffs have been removed and it will be time for exposure.

Stay frosty.

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